Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is the lake called "Gosho (Imperial Palace) Lake," even though it’s not in Kyoto (the old imperial capital)?

A1. During the Northern and Southern Court Period (1334–1392), the courtier Kitabatake Shōni lived in Tekiseki Castle, which was called "Tekiseki Imperial Palace (Tekiseki Gosho)." From this, the name passed on to nearby Gosho Village, and then to Gosho Lake.

Q2. Can you swim in Gosho Lake?

A2. Unfortunately, because the lake has a dam built on it, you can’t swim there.

Q3. Can you go fishing at Gosho Lake?

A3. Yes! There are char, brook char, and other fish. The fishing season is 3/1~9/30.
For details, contact the Shizukuishi River Fishing Association(TEL 019-692-0569).

Q4. Does Gosho Lake ice over?

A4. Yes. At the earliest, it ices over in December and thaws in March. However, it is not thick enough to walk on.

Q5. Do swans come to Gosho Lake?

A5. They come in around December. You can see many swans, ducks, and other birds.

Q6. At Tsunagi Hot Spring, can you eat wanko soba and reimen (cold noodles) anywhere?

A6. At Tsunagi, you can eat reimen at "Hige." For places in Morioka City, please look at this site.

Q7. Is there a place for children to play?

A7. There are lots of places!! For details please look here.

Q8. Are there fireflies?

A8. You can see them at the Oirino Water Botanical Gardens. Every year, from the middle of July, you can see tons of "Genji" and "Heike" Japanese fireflies.

Q9. Is it possible to make a tour of unaffiliated, public bath houses during the day?

A9. We have bath houses for day day visitors, but there are no public, unaffiliated bath houses. There is, however, a free foot bath.

Q10. Can you drink the water from Tsunagi Hot Spring?

A10. There are drinking water springs at Kozansō and Hotel Miharu. The water is good for diabetes, gout, and constipation.

Q11. What is the origin of Koiwai Farm’s name?

A11. The founders of Koiwai Farms in 1891 were Mr. Kono, Mr. Iwasaki, and Mr. Inoue, so "Koiwai" takes the first character from each of their names. For more details, look here.

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