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The composition of Tsunagi Hot Spring’s water

There are six wellsprings for Tsunagi Hot Spring, and everyday they release about 2000 liters of hot water.

Because the water is nice and hot from all of the wellsprings, you can fully enjoy an outdoor bath, even in Iwate’s cold winter.

The spring is a simple sulfur spring, and with a ph of 8.7~9.5, is highly alkaline.

Because the water’s sulfur is said to promote circulation and metabolism, and its alkalinity is thought to exfoliate old keratin that clings to the surface of the skin, this hot spring is well-loved by women.

Also, the water contains silicic acid, which has recently drawn a lot of attention as a "natural moisturizing compound." Come experience smooth and shiny skin with the moisturizing waters of Tsunagi Hot Spring!

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